The Call-A-Waiter system is a step by step QR Code based process that allows patrons to request service or a check from their waiter without having to obnoxiously flag the waiter down, or wait for the waiter to make his/her way to the table. The service also allows waiters to better serve their patrons and increase table turnaround.

What We Offer

The Call-A-Waiter.com service offers restaurants the ability to receive real-time requests from their patrons.

How It Works

  1. The patron scans a QR code on the provided postcard for their table.
  2. Based on which QR code they scanned, a URL will be launched on their mobile device which sends a command to the Call-A-Waiter.com system.

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The Process


  1. The patron scans a QR code similar to the one to the right.
  2. Once the QR code is scanned, the system processes their request and directs it to the proper location so that the waiter can be notified of the request.
  3. The waiter retrieves the request data from a webpage

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Subscription Options

We currently offer two different subscription options, quarterly and annual. Both options are prepaid. Both of these options include unlimited access for fifty tables to our system. Additional tables can be purchased for as little as $.40 per table.

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